FAQS: Got Questions? Here You Go!

You have got Queries, Right? Scroll down, Read them all that we usually got from Students. It will Wipe-Away all of YOUR doubts!

Q1: Can I get a fee discount?

A: Yes, you can! We give a 5% fee discount on the group with a minimum of 3 candidates.

Q2: Will I get any practical hands-on experience?

A: Yes, you will. We believe that Practical experience will help you to tackle in the real-life context; and that’s why we prefer Hands-On experience.

Q3: What If I miss my class?

A: No Problem! You will get access to the recorded lecture. You may also repeat the class in the next badge free of charges.

Q4: Do you give Online Classes/Training?

A: Yes, we provide Online training only, through Skype.

Q5: What skills should I know before I get into the course?

A: You should know How-to-Use Computer and Internet.

Q6: What will I get after completing courses from Digital Marketing Training Lab?

A: You will become a Certified Professional. Moreover, you can start a lucrative career to earn money.

Q7: Do we get LIVE training from Trainers OR do we only get access to the Pre-Recorded videos?

A: You will get the LIVE interactive training from our Expert Trainers. So, no Pre-Recorded Videos.

Q8: Do you provide internships or job placement to your students?

A: No, we don’t. However, our trainers debunk the industry Secrets, Trending Tactics and Hidden Procedures that will make you grab the internship or job, easily. We sometimes prefer to hire internally as well in case any opportunity comes up within our affiliate firms.

Q9: Do you give certificates to your students after this course completion?

A: Yes, we award certificates to the students upon the successful completion of course.

Q10: What are the career opportunities after completing the course from Digital Marketing Training Lab?

A: To be very honest, it’s hard to count. The opportunities are Endless! few of them are:

  1. Freelance Digital Marketer.
  2. ECommerce Store Owner.
  3. Digital Marketer.
  4. Social Media Executive.
  5. SEO Expert

Q11: In which language we will get the training?

A: Our trainers prefer training students in English Language.

Q12: Does DMTL have any affiliation with any organization?

A: No, we don’t have any affiliation. However, we have industry and academic partners with whom we collaborate in different certifications.

Q13: When will I get the certificate?

A: You will get the certificate after the successful completion of course.